Add entry / exit / time per page URL in the Actions > Pages report #5726

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The data is already available in the archives for the following fields:

  • time per page
  • entry pages
  • exit pages
  • We should also display bounce rate.

We could add the reports in the Actions > Pages.
This hasn’t been done in the first place for simplicity of the UI and usability.
How should we include this new data in the UI without adding new sub menus?
How can we include these new reports in the Actions > Pages report?

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One idea would be to add links below the Action table:

Advanced view: see time per page, exit pages, entry pages.```

That would load the table with all the data that we can show (ie. 5 columns).

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see hack 58

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We should also link in the footer to the API calls to export all the data in XML/JSON/etc.


I question the usefulness of this feature. I often have multiple browser windows or tabs open and leave pages open for quite a while while not actually looking at them.

But as long as it is optional and I can turn it off so it does add data to my database, I suppose it does no harm.

Hope this helps,
Charles Belov
SFMTA Webmaster

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Charles, the data is already recorded in the DB, this is just a matter of displaying it.

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(In [2202]) Fixes #5726

  • Adds new columns to the existing Pages report: Bounce rate, Average time on page, Exit rate
  • Adds new report: Entry pages
  • Adds new report: Exit pages
  • Adding table column inline help (on hover). Note: I don't think my metrics definitions are the best, they can be improved. anyone? I tried to add this icon: but couldn't manage to make it look pretty (icon was either not positionned properly, or when it was positionned properly, it would appear in the dashboard even for columns that are hidden - the icon appeared out of nowhere..)
@mattab mattab added this to the Piwik 0.6.2 milestone Jul 8, 2014
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