When database collation is not the default, mysql error "Illegal mix of collations" #5730

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I am using us_ascii as the default character set.

I get the following error on the piwik.php logging script:
Uncaught exception: ‘Error query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations (ascii_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ’=’’
More information
In /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Db.php on line 201

  1. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Db.php(160): Piwik_LogStats_Db→query(‘?SELECT idactio…’, Array)
  2. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Action.php(224): Piwik_LogStats_Db→fetch(‘?SELECT idactio…’, Array)
  3. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Action.php(95): Piwik_LogStats_Action→loadActionId()
  4. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Visit.php(485): Piwik_LogStats_Action→getActionId()
  5. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Visit.php(343): Piwik_LogStats_Visit→handleNewVisit()
  6. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats.php(203): Piwik_LogStats_Visit→handle()
  7. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Generator.php(661): Piwik_LogStats→main()
  8. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/modules/LogStats/Generator.php(369): Piwik_LogStats_Generator→saveVisit()
  9. /Users/netmon/Sites/piwik/misc/generateVisits.php(82): Piwik_LogStats_Generator→generate(12, 15)
  10. {main}

You can get help from http://piwik.org (give us the full error message + your PHP and Mysql version)

Possible solution: Create the piwik tables with a specific character set for all the application, scripts etc.

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(In 1011) – fixed #310 When database collation is not the default, mysql error “Illegal mix of collations”
now all tables are created with utf8 charset

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

(In 1014) – cleaning up the search engine parsing code, adding tests, recording UTF8 keywords in the DB rather than encoded (as tables are now utf8, refs #5730)
- adding tests in url.test.php and fixed double encoding in some edge cases
- fixed #589 Piwik fails to properly decode and store some chinese keywords (eg. from baidu.com)
- fixed #435 Exotic encoded keywords should be stored as utf-8 in the DB
- refs #575 hopefully fixed, will give it a few days of tests on piwik.org

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

(In 1020) – refs #5730 adding updates so that all existing tables and all fields are converted to utf8 for consistent piwik tables

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