Add new method to languagesManager to show all string of a language #597

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Add a new method to languagesManager to provide all string of a language.


What’s the use case?

A plugin should already be able to access all the strings stored in the $translations array.


Yes, I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear enough.

I would like to have access all the strings from API via the LanguagesManager Module.

For example, call API LanguagesManager.getAvailableLanguageString(languageCode)
and it will return all the strings of the language (in xml, ….).

All that, to reuse the translators’s works in other projects (in my case DWA application []).



I just add the new method and send the file in attachment.


Can you add a test case (tests/core/LanguagesManager.test.php doesn’t yet exist) at least for the new method you created, and rename the method as: getTranslationsForLanguage() ?


Attachment: Rename method to getTranslationsForLanguage()


Attachment: I create a test case, but I don’t know if it’s correct

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(In 1001) – fixed #597 Add new method to languagesManager to show all string of a language
ps: renamed from getTranslationsForLanguages to getTranslationsForLanguage
patch by benoit pouzet

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