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Dashboard changes not saved -- URI too long #717

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on current Piwik 0.2.35 all the changes I make to my dashboard are not saved. Reloading the page, switching to other tabs and back or logging in+out restores the old dashboard layout. This effectifely prevents me from trying the workaround for #709


This is both, Opera 10.0 and Iceweasel 3.0.?.

It seems to work for some widgets but adding the user_browser or last_visitors_graph view, the changes are lost on any kind of reload


Is this as an anonymous user or when logged in?

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and tmp/templates_c? Others have reported success on the forum.


just rm -rf -ed the whole content of tmp/ and purged my browsers cache and cookies (the Iceweasel(Firefox) one), the problem seems to persist. This is a logged-in user, no anonymous access


Can you do a select query on your piwik_user_dashboard table and attach the output?

-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
-- version
-- Host: localhost
-- Erstellungszeit: 14. Mai 2009 um 19:02
-- Server Version: 5.0.51
-- PHP-Version: 5.2.6-1+lenny3


-- Datenbank: `cnemesissql3`

-- --------------------------------------------------------

-- Tabellenstruktur fr Tabelle `piwik_user_dashboard`

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `piwik_user_dashboard` (
  `login` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  `iddashboard` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `layout` text NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`login`,`iddashboard`)

-- Daten fr Tabelle `piwik_user_dashboard`

INSERT INTO `piwik_user_dashboard` (`login`, `iddashboard`, `layout`) VALUES
('steffen', 1, 'VisitsSummary.getLastVisitsGraph~VisitorInterest.getNumberOfVisitsPerVisitDuration~ExampleFeedburner.feedburner|Referers.getKeywords~Referers.getWebsites~UserSettings.getBrowser|Referers.getSearchEngines~VisitTime.getVisitInformationPerServerTime~ExampleRssWidget.rssPiwik|'),
('christoph', 1, '[[{"uniqueId":"widgetActionsgetActions","parameters":{"module":"Actions","action":"getActions"}}],[],[{"uniqueId":"widgetReferersgetSearchEngines","parameters":{"module":"Referers","action":"getSearchEngines"}},{"uniqueId":"widgetReferersgetKeywords","parameters":{"module":"Referers","action":"getKeywords"}},{"uniqueId":"widgetReferersgetWebsites","parameters":{"module":"Referers","action":"getWebsites"}}]]');

Removing the line of the relevant user ('christoph') in the hope of it getting auto-recreated on modifications did not work


Thanks christoph. I wasn't going to suggest deleting that row -- I don't recall at this point whether or not it is recreated (ala INSERT).

For anonymous users, I believe Piwik stores the dashboard layout in $_SESSION. Investigating...


recreation should work as not all registered users here have an entry in the db


ok this sounds like #723

the dashboard does recreate the layout. so deleting the row from the piwik_user_dashboard should have worked.


You're probably right, the corresponding serverlog has loads of lines like


Just for the search, because I did not find this before:

414 REQUEST URI too large

we shoult POST the dashboard layout update


in [1123]

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