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This plugin shows your visitors entry page with visitor count and bounce count.

The subtable shows referrer url (+ link) and visitor/bounce count.


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Known issues:

  • Direct entry (no referrer) shows as blank line with link to current page, could be confusing but I don't know yet how to change this
  • I started coding for Piwik two days ago, there may be critical things I don't know: test it before you use it in production!

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there is no widget, only a report at visitors > entry page

mattab commented May 18, 2009

This is very interesting, as this feature request has been asked a lot of times.. Could you please post some screenshot?

Also I can see that you duplicated code from the plugins Actions/ Instead your code should extend the classes in this plugin, eg.Piwik_EntryPage_API extends Piwik_Actions_API;

once you review the plugin and add some screenshot I can give it a full code review.


I guess with duplicated code you mean 'getDataTable'. I just copied that from the Referers plugin without really knowing what it does.

When I try to extend the Actions API my visitor and bounce count don't show up, but it works when I extend Referers API so I'll keep it that way for now.


Attachment: because the current downloads are not working with Piwik 0.5.4 I have change the code minimal.


What is the reason for putting the controller and translations into the main plugin file?

halfdan commented Jan 3, 2011

Vote for close as this feature made it into core a while ago.

mattab commented Jan 5, 2011

halfdan, this plugin also shows the referer per page. This is basically a test implementation of: #756 (we want to make it more generic)

mattab commented Feb 5, 2011

The plugin is not compatible with 1.1.1, removing from list of plugins until it can be fixed. See forum post:,71779


Attachment: Modified version for piwik 1.3 (lastest in download)


I have made some test with my local server and the visit generator, but need some test with a better server.


One more thing,
I don't have any visit and bounces count, I probably think that some information in sql are probably wrong.
I will try to find it.

mattab commented Sep 17, 2011

Could be done using Segmentation. Maybe we can include it in core, but please submit mockup in the new UI for this feature if you have any idea?

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