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Page names are recorded but if a "/0/" if in the URL, it will be removed when it shouldn't #745

mattab opened this Issue · 7 comments

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from email:

> Piwik removes url path section which contains 0,  e.g.
> portal/ategories/223/1/0/1/company/3107
> is recorded as 
> portal/ategories/223/1/1/company/3107
> in log table - which is incorrect.

see code in tracker/action and matching unit tests, need fixing


in core/Tracker/Action.php

                    // remove empty categories
                    $split = array_filter($split);

filter out /0/ in url path like:


this is wrong!


Attachment: Fix for bug #745


Attachment 745_patch.txt appears to fix the problem by only removing empty-strings in the array_filter. This is accomplished using a filter function implemented as a static on the Piwik_Tracker_Action class (a lambda function could also be used, but I guess that would be less efficient).

Unit test tests/core/Tracker/Action.test.php has also been updated to include the given test case above. Unit test passes successfully.


Thanks. FYI "ClassName::StaticFunction" is a 5.2.x-ism for callbacks. In general, for backwards compatibility, we should be using this syntax, array('ClassName', 'StaticFunction'). However, in this specific case, I believe we can just use 'strlen' for the callback.


Attachment: 745 bugfix #2 - using 'strlen'


Yes, of course! Rather stupid of me, forgetting that 0 evaluates to false when that was the cause of the problem I was trying to fix.

I've attached 745_patch.2.txt which has the fix.


(In [1272]) Fixes #745 - patch and test case by craigmj; thanks

@mattab mattab added this to the Piwik 0.4.2 milestone
This issue was closed.
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