Memory leak Error - Allowed memory size Error #761

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Hi all,
I open this ticket because my previous tickets 374 and 685 didn't get resolved.
Ive attached two screenshots.
Ive upgraded to latest version (0.2.37) but same results.
Ive changed the code in my piwik as 1145 says but same results
Important: For having the dashboard with visits/day piwik spends 20sec. Is that normal?

Ideas or solutions will be welcome


Sorry, I think #685 was closed accidentally when it was hijacked by another bug report.

You should have a cron job for achiving and in your configuration:

  • enable_browser_archiving_triggering set to 0
  • always_archive_data_period set to 0
  • always_archive_data_day set to 0

Can you clarify what periods we're seeing in the two screenshots?


Yes you right... maybe I didn't espres myself correctly. Those graphs are in same day. The visits one is dashboard by days and the error one is clicking stats by month and year
I dont understand exactly wht you mean, I mean... wht I have to do after changing those values in global.ini.php. always_archive_data_period and always_archive_data_day were already set to 0 but not the enable_browser_archiving_triggering one.
Wht I have to put in crontab? every hour/day/week?
Thx very much


Given your traffic volume, you should be using misc/cron/ otherwise you'll continue to experience the dashboard delays when archiving is triggered.



I have just set these values in cron. I'll write tomorrow how these new confs were in the server.
I have seen in the piwik page the release of the latest version ... is recommended the upgrade to 0.4????
Thx a million

Piwik Open Source Analytics member

see #766

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