IE6 error when clicking on menu: flash object not destroyed properly #798

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From Marc Trudel by email

the solution came to me. Here is the patch, its basically 3 lines - the part in sectionLoaded is just be reindenting :D

root@mushin:/var/www/ svn diff ./templates/broadcast.js
Index: templates/broadcast.js
--- templates/broadcast.js    (revision 1200)
+++ templates/broadcast.js    (working copy)
@@ -158,15 +158,20 @@

+    // OFC ofc_resize call fix - remove the object before the container
+    $("object").each(function(){
+        $(this).remove();
+    });
     broadcast.lastUrlRequested = urlAjax;

     function sectionLoaded(content)
         if(urlAjax == broadcast.lastUrlRequested) {
-        $('#content').html( content ).show();
-        $('#loadingPiwik').hide();
-        broadcast.lastUrlRequested = null;
-    }
+            $('#content').html( content ).show();
+            $('#loadingPiwik').hide();
+            broadcast.lastUrlRequested = null;
+        }
         broadcast.getParamValue('module', urlAjax),

Basically, here's why you had a problem - ofc implements an ExternalInterface so that if you resize the flash container, it can call a javascript function. This is good for, say, a flash with 100% width and a jquery ui resizeable container. Problem comes when you destroy the container: that triggers the resize function (beccause the container "changes size"), but when it comes back to make the externalinterface js call, the internal script does a document.getElementById with the flash object id... and returns null.

So to avoid the resize call, you must destroy implicitly the object first, and the container later.


Just a note - this is also a bug in other versions of IE - IE7 and IE8 are also having this problem.

Also, I know the fix should have been reduced to


but... well, that could go in too :).


Confirmed that this fixes the "'null' is null or not an object" error. Thanks.


(In [1235]) Fixes #798 - null is null or not an object error

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