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Remove unnecessary require_once from codebase #803

robocoder opened this Issue · 17 comments

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In #620, we implemented an autoloader. In this ticket, we clean up the code by removing unnecessary require_once statements. This will require some analysis.

  • core/Piwik.php - add this as a special case to the autoloader or rename it to Helper.php (class Piwik_Helper)?
  • some files contain multiple class definitions, e.g., core/Auth.php contains Piwik_Auth and Piwik_Auth_Result
  • ./piwik.php - keep it as fast as possible; autoloading for a cache miss is ok

Don't change:

  • naming of "core" & "plugins" folders
  • FrontController.php and PluginsManager.php - they have their own autoloaders; don't change this
  • obviously, where we require_once a file that doesn't contain a class, keep it, but turn it into an absolute path (i.e., prefix it with PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH)
  • don't remove the require_once from Zend folder until it has been updated (#497)

(In [1224]) refs #620, refs #803 - refactor autoloader into core/Loader.php (class
Piwik_Loader); remove unnecessary require_once in core/Common.php


(In [1225]) refs #803 - add autoloader to tests

  • concerning when two classes are in the same file, are you planning to lookup the class name without last part (to look core/Auth.php for the Auth_Result class) or do you plan to create the new file?

My thought is to leave subclassed Exceptions where they are. We can add code to the autoloader to handle this, assuming I got the renaming right.

Something like Auth_Result should be in its own file for speed and consistency. An alternative is to continue to use require_once for these cases.


Actually, Piwik_Auth_Result isn't a good example as it and Piwik_Auth are currently always used in the same context. (core/Access.php, core/Auth.php, plugins/Login/Auth.php)


(In [1228]) refs #803 - auto-discovery algorithm to handle class Piwik, files with
multiple class definitions (e.g., Piwik_Auth_Result), and fix typo
(reference to Piwik_Api_Proxy).


(In [1229]) refs #803 - temp fix: PluginsManager defines functions in global scope


(In [1231]) refs #803 - temp fix; Translate.php contains global scope functions


(In [1232]) refs #803 - Log/Exception contains classes that won't be found by
autoloader's discovery algorithm; FrontController.php and Common.php
use classes with global scope functions (i.e., this needs to be


(In [1233]) refs #803 - Auth is loaded by piwik.php?


Ok, files containing global scope functions will continue to be manually included (via require_once).


(In [1248]) refs #803 comment:11 - rename Log Formatter classes for consistency


increasing priority - now that the loader is in place, maybe we should aim to close the ticket and remove all require_once - vipsoft if you disagree please reset the milestone


(In [1296]) fixes #803 - remove unnecessary require_once from core, plugins, and parts of
libs. (I didn't touch: open-flash-chart, Zend Framework, and PEAR HTML.)


(In [1299]) refs #803, refs #735 - lower default to 200; remove unnecessary require_once; standardize setting of include_path

@robocoder robocoder added this to the Piwik 0.4.2 milestone
@robocoder robocoder self-assigned this
This issue was closed.
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