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LiveOverView Plugin

* When installed, the plugin will add 4 widgets to piwik.
  1. Overview: Visits over xx minutes
    Shows all Visitors of the given value of minutes. So you can see who is on your page at the last f.e. 30 minutes like "Who is online"

  2. Overview: Visits over xx Days
    Shows all Visitors of the last days with pageimpression when you want to configure a longer/shorter timelime

  3. Overview: Visits over xx Month
    Overview of the visitors and Pageimpressions in the last months

  4. First level of IP Tracking
    Here you can see the last 100 Visitors. A link of the page impressions shows you the visited pages by this ip. So you can see where the user/bot crawl your site.

How to install?

* Download Piwik LiveOverView Plugin from
* Unzip the plugin and copy the extracted directory "LiveOverView" in the directory piwik/plugins/
* Enable LiveOverView plugin in Piwik. Go to Piwik > Settings > Plugins > LiveOverView, click Enable 


You need at least Piwik 0.2.33 to run the GeoIp plugin.


* Tom Zeithaml

I would really like to try this but there's no download link in the site.
Maybe it need some time to ben translated to english. I can wait, i dont know german. I only know french and english.

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jr-ewing , can you please add a screenshot for the 4 widgets?

finally, if you would like to finish the official Live! plugin , please feel free to submit a patch :-) we would love to finish the plugin which has been in beta for a long time. see #5464

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see also #44


I'm sorry to say, it doesn't work :


And when i click on the last 30 minutes thing, it doesn't do anything.


Forgot to mention, this is with last version of Piwik.


thank you for your feedback. I will search for this bug. On 0.40 all works fine for me.
The name of the function are changed in the last version.

<<see also #44
So i'm not so a good developer for the core. This is the reason why i implementing this as a plugin. When you see any change to integrate this in the live plugin, i will help or you can feel free to use my code ;-)


So i added a newer Version which supports 0.4.1

Best regards


Great !
Something weird though.
If i dont have the last xx minutes widget; all 3 others live widget looks strange; i mean, they loose the blue backround color they otherwise have on some parts.


The widget "Last 500 visitors" should be smaller or collapsed in some way. At the moment, I have to scroll down for miles ;-)

And the widget "visitors in last xx min" gives a strange result here. See the screenshot "visitors_in_last_min_strange.png"


Attachment: Strange result of widget


PS: Piwik version is 0.4.5

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Live! is now included in Piwik

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