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CSS warnings, errors, and ugliness #946

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Firefox 3 reports errors in thickbox.css, jquery-calendar.css, common.css, and dashboard.css. (Latter two are Piwik-specific.)

Canoo webtest reports warnings/errors in: index.php, dashboard.css, thickbox.css, and jquery-calendar.css.

CoreHome embeds a <style> section in the <body> for tagclouds. This should be moved to a separate .css file, and included via <link> in the <head>. The rules also need to be tightened up a bit, e.g.,

.word a {

should be:

#tagCloud .word a {



files with embedded styles:

  • ./API/templates/listAllAPI.tpl
  • ./CoreHome/templates/cloud.tpl
  • ./Feedback/templates/index.tpl
  • ./Feedback/templates/sent.tpl
  • ./Goals/templates/form_add_goal.tpl
  • ./Goals/templates/single_goal.tpl
  • ./Installation/templates/displayJavascriptCode.tpl
  • ./Installation/templates/structure.tpl
  • ./Installation/templates/systemCheck.tpl
  • ./Live/templates/index.tpl
  • ./SitesManager/templates/DisplayJavascriptCode.tpl
  • ./SitesManager/templates/SitesManager.tpl
  • ./UsersManager/templates/UsersManager.tpl
  • ./Widgetize/templates/index.tpl

In [1558], refs #510, refs #946 - remove sortable helper class (no longer used)


In [1559], refs #946 - fix css errors


deferring jquery-calendar.css to #680, and thickbox.css to #1029


In [1560], refs #946 - plugins/API : move embedded style to external stylesheet


In [1561], refs #946 - plugins/CoreHome - tag cloud css cleanup


In [1562], refs #946 - cloud.css


Fixed for now. Re-think the reorg for #660.

@robocoder robocoder added this to the Piwik 0.5 milestone
This issue was closed.
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