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sanitizeInputValues() gives a warning when type is set to 'numeric' and it must return the default #963

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The function accepts a $varType of 'numeric' which it interprets as either 'int' or 'float', and when the value does not match any of these, it must return the $varDefault parameter. However, the following line:

settype($varDefault, $varType);

gives a warning sine 'numeric' is not a valid settype parameter.

Keywords: sanitizeInputValues, settype, numeric


Propose to remove the 'numeric' case, and change all affected getRequestVar() calls to 'int'. (A quick grep shows it only used to get the 'h', 'm', and 's' parameters.)


Matt: in getRequestVar(), should we remove the 'array' case too? I don't believe it's possible to pass an array as a GET/POST parameter (except as something encoded, e.g., JSON, in which case, it would be a string).


scratch that last comment I forgot PHP handles returns an array when the URL contains parameters like this: x[]=1&x[]=3&x[]=4


In [1450], fixes #963 - remove 'numeric' as a getRequestVar() type

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