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"Search" functionality doesn't apply to subtables #969

jpfleury opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Jean-Philippe Fleury Anthon Pang Matthieu Aubry
Jean-Philippe Fleury

When I go to "Actions > Downloads" in Piwik 0.4.3, I can see the normal table of downloads. If I search a word in the field under the table, I never have result, so I always have the message "No data for this table.". For example, if I have downloads of this file:


and I put "ar" in the search field, I have no result.

In comparison, "Search" functionality works well in other tables, for example in the table of outlinks.

Anthon Pang

It does work, just not the way you expected it to. "Actions | Downloads" and "Actions | Outlinks" behave the same way: the search is on the domain name. The search (filter) doesn't act on subtables, which is why the behavior is different from "Actions | Pages".

I'll re-categorize this as a feature request.

Matthieu Aubry

setting roadmap, this missing feature makes Piwik harder to use. Search should really work like it works on the Actions> Actions table, and return all results matching all sub tables.

Matthieu Aubry

(In [2180]) Downloads and Outlinks reports now use the 'Actions' table rendering style, which fixes #969 as search now works recursively (as it does when searching urls or page titles.

Jean-Philippe Fleury jpfleury added this to the Piwik 0.6.2 milestone
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