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Install these dotfiles

$ git clone
$ make 
$ make install

Information about dotfiles

  • VIM:

    • BufferList : mapped to C-v C-v like tmux window list shortcut (C-b C-b)
    • TagList : Mapped to F3 for tag list and Alt-F3 to update tags
    • Align : V to select lines :Align token
    • Surround : ysiw) to surround using )
    • nerdcommenter : Comment: ,cs - Toggle: ,c
    • detectindent : Indentation levels are autodetected
    • yankring : :YRShow to show yank history
    • syntastic : Automatic syntax checking
    • A : :A to alternate files quickly (.c --> .h etc)
    • Doxygentoolkit : :Dox to generate doxygen comments
    • trailing-whitespace : :FixWhitespace
    • vis : C-v to highlight a block, then :B s/^pattern/newtext/g to replace inside the block
    • keepcase : %sSubstituteCase/\cleptonica/cvblob/g
  • tmux

    • Alt-F1 -> Alt-F12 : Selects corresponding windows
    • C-b C-b : Shows window selection dialog
  • git

    • git wtf : Show state of your repository
    • git rank-contributors : rank contributors by the total size of the diffs they're responsible for
    • git ls : ls files according to .gitignore
  • zsh

    • : Edit the current command line in vi
    • : Push a command onto a stack
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