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Example project with *working* django, piston and oauth
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This is working example of a Django service with Piston API authenticated with OAuth.

I spend quite some time trying to find a working combination of django piston oauth, as everything seemed broken one way or another. This is a working django project, ready to be installed on your machine so you can play and understand oauth with django and piston.

I used piston from pbs education (btw read their wonderful presentation on how to build Web APIS) and replaced and using the ones from snowy.

I did some modifications to remove csrf checks on oauth calls.

Finally I fetched from this example to test your oauth authentication.


  1. git clone git:// # to clone
  2. cd django-piston-oauth-example
  3. bash scripts/ # to download and install django and dependencies
  4. source env/bin/activate # to activate the environment
  5. cd foo
  6. pythom syncdb # create dbs, create superuser
  7. python runserver
  8. login to admin panel through http://localhost:8000/admin/
  9. Create a new Consumer with Key: testkey and Secret: testsecret
  10. You are ready to go!


  1. Make sure that server runs
  2. Make sure that you have activated the environment
  3. Run and follow the instructions
  4. You should end up with a oauth_token and a oauth_token_secret


Please if you find something missing or something that can be done in a better way, please let me know or even better submit a patch!

Two legged authentication

Guglielmo provided an example for two-legged authentication. Whether you have a two legged or three legged auth, depends on how you build the request.

Passing an empty access token key and secret, builds a two-legged authentication request. Example using twisted oauth-proxy plugin

twistd -n oauth_proxy –consumer-key testkey –consumer-secret testsecret –token “” –token-secret “”

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