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Added option to set Navigation icon colors in camera.js, using buttons and font-awsome.css #9

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OK, bear with me since this is my first pull request and I am a jQuery novice!

I love your slider but didn't like the limitations of using images for navigation UI.
Rather than have the navigation icons use a sprite and CSS for skin colors, I added an option to be able to set the icon colors in camera.js. By changing the next, prev, play and stop as well as the thumb_next, thumb_prev to use icons from font-awsome.css,, and some button CSS code from Twitter bootstrap,, one can set these icons to any color as a setting in Camera, "buttonColor".
Still some bugs ( it seems that if there are two sliders on a page, the colors are the same for both!)



Is it possible to see something in action?


Here is a sample page using "magenta":

I added the option to have the background of the pagination circles also use the buttonColor setting, but I think it would be better to have the selected "dot" be the color rather than the background in the future.

(The javascript is all in camera.js)

Note: This example has an icon in the caption for a Lightbox popup, not part of my pull request, just a feature I wanted to add for a gallery.


think i prefer sprites


Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your Camera plugin. I have one issue and one suggestion.
Issue: When I have more than one video present in the slider, Internet Explorer (IE9) is skipping currently playing video and sliding to next one forcefully.
Suggestion: Adding an option to open the image or video in a popup on click of the slider content.

Looking forward for the next release with fixes.

Muralikrishna P

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