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What is it ?

A Symfony2 quick launch with basic configurations to quickly start your project. Includes Twitter Bootstrap for layout & sexy ;)

Warning: This bootstrap is not ready and was not updated for while so i don't recommend using it for now. I will try to update it as soon as possible.

ToDo :

  • Move code from BootstrapBundle to CoreBundle for easy use
  • Make a set of simple queries / CRUD for quick re-use / samples
  • Add qKnpMenuBundle
  • Add AvalancheImagineBundle
  • Add doc for installation and config of the bootstrap
  • Add description and demo site to the project

Done :

  • Remove or find a use for the search bar...
  • Make a FixtureBundle for add some users/datas
  • Extend FOSUserBundle with a UserBundle for add fields to the model
  • Extend FOSUserBundle with a UserBundle for override forms & templates
  • Add FOSUserBundle (install, settings & propel support)
  • Handle vendors with composer Issue #1
  • Transfert the vendors to submodules instead of deps
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