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Mute Me

Use the Touch Bar app to Mute/Unmute your microphone, or just use the shortcut on any Mac.

New version of the app already there

We rebuilt app and the functionality from scratch and now distribute it as a separate app available at

Try it for free with 7-days trial and get 50% discount with promo code: MUTEME

However open source version of the app still available below

Visit Site | Download

touch-bar 2x

Use Case

When you’re in a meeting using Hangouts, Skype, Slack, or another voice application, it's good practice to stay on mute until someone speaks to you directly - especially if you’re meeting with three or more people. Often, however, you'll need to browse between multiple tabs, and it can take too long to switch back to the meeting app to unmute your microphone. With Mute Me, you can mute or unmute your mic quickly and easily, right from your Touch Bar.


  • use long tap on the Touch Bar icon to open Preferences
  • find the Open at Login option in Preferences
  • add custom shortcut for Mute/Unmute (default cmd + shift + 0) in Preferences
  • show/hide Mute/Unmute button in MacOS menu bar in Preferences
  • configure functionality to Mute/Unmute by left clicking icon in MacOS menu bar (right click to open menu) in Preferences
  • configure alternate set of icons for MacOS menu bar (for those that prefer monochromatic icons) in Preferences

Ideas for development

If you have any ideas that can help us improve this application, please create a new issue.

You can find approved ideas for future implementation here

How to contribute

  • Download Xcode
  • Fork that repository
  • Open repository via Xcode
  • Make changes
  • Provide Pull Request

Thanks for your contribution

Made by Pixel Point

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