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Pixel Saver

Pixel Saver is an extension for Gnome Shell that merge the activity bar and the title bar of maximized window. It is especially interesting for small screens, but MOAR pixels for your apps is always good!

The extension has no configuration. Its behavior is made to mimic the one of the title bar and settings affecting the title bar should reflect in Pixel Saver. It Just Works!

For applications using the modern GTK header bar, there are no space savings, but the application title is still displayed in the top panel to achieve a uniform appearance.

The title bar is completely gone and integrated to the activity bar.

It is largely inspired by bios and mathematicalcoffee's Window Buttons Extension and mathematicalcoffee's maximus extension and some code come from there. You may want to check theses out, especially if you want something more configurable.

Get it!

Gnome Shell version Pixel saver version Recommended installation method
3.34 latest Manual
3.32 1.20 Manual
3.30 1.18 Manual
3.26 1.14 Manual
3.24 1.12 Manual
3.15 1.10 GNOME extensions
3.14 1.5.1 GNOME extensions
3.12 1.3 GNOME extensions

Pixel saver has been available for a long time on GNOME Extensions website (so it is on GNOME Software, too), but it has not been updated there since 2016.

New releases are in process of being reviewed (see #177).

In the meantime, you can install the extension manually.

Manual install

From graphical interface

  • (eventually) switch to the tag for your version from this page;
  • download the repo's zip from the green button;
  • navigate from your home to the gnome shell extension directory .local/share/gnome-shell/extensions;
  • unzip the directory in extension directory;
  • reload gnome-shell pressing Alt + F2 and entering r;
  • enable the extension using GNOME Tweaks.

From terminal

    # Clone repository
    git clone

    # Enter cloned directory
    cd pixel-saver

    # Switch to tag 1.20
    git checkout tags/1.20

    # copy to extensions directory
    cp -r -t ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions

    # activate
    gnome-shell-extension-tool -e

At last, remember to reload GNOME Shell by pressing Alt + F2 and entering r .


Pixel Saver depends on Xorg's xprop and xwininfo utilities. If not already present on your system, these can be installed using:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: apt install x11-utils
  • Fedora/RHEL: dnf install xorg-x11-utils
  • Arch: pacman -S xorg-xprop


Don't be silly!


If you want to see what the full desktop look like with this extension, you can check out what a unmaximized window looks like, as well as a maximized one.

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