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Skinnable UI Components for haXe NME
Haxe Shell
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Skinnable UI Components for haXe NME

I use minimalcomps a lot in my AS3 prototyping, so I wanted to use it for haXe also. Luckely someone did already the heavy lifting (Beeblerox). There are some changes made to the original haXe translation because it didn't work on Android.


  • CheckBox doesn't render correctly on Android
  • RadioButton doesn't render correctly on Android


For my project I didn't need all components. So I created a small (mobile) subset.

  • CheckBox
  • InputText
  • Label
  • PushButton
  • RadioButton

and for easy positioning

  • VBox
  • HBox

MinimalComps vs this

The original minimalcomps are still in working order, but the

  • dropshadows are gone (that doesn't work except in Flash)
  • default font is "_sans"


MinimalComps is created by Keith Peters (
Minimal ActionScript 3.0 UI Components for Flash

A haxe port of Bit-101s minimal components for AS3 by Beeblerox (Zaphod)

I used the Android GUI PSD version 2.0 prepared by Vladimir Grishin for my examples

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