Adds Redactor’s “Clips” plugin to Rich Text fields in Craft
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Redactor Clips plugin for Craft

Adds Redactor’s “Clips” plugin to Rich Text fields in Craft, which lets you insert predefined code snippets.

You can manage your code snippets from Settings → Plugins → Redactor Clips.


To install Redactor Clips, copy the redactorclips/ folder into craft/plugins/, and then go to Settings → Plugins and click the “Install” button next to “Redactor Clips”.

Once installed, open your craft/config/redactor/ folder, and add the clips plugin in whichever Redactor configs you want it to be enabled in:

"plugins": ["clips" /* , ... */ ]



  • Fixed a JavaScript error when clicking the cancel button in a modal.


  • Updated the Clips plugin to take advantage of Craft 2.5 features


  • Updated the Clips plugin for Redactor 10 compatibility


  • Initial release