Anki deck for learning HTTP Status Code using cats.
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HTTP Status Code Cats.apkg

Anki HTTP Status Cat

What is this ?

This is a Anki deck to learn HTTP Status Code using the funny HTTP Status Cats.


You actually only need the .apkg file. Download it and then import it in your Anki application.

I had trouble importing it directly into the Android App. I had to import it in the desktop app and then synchronize it to my Android device (be sure to check the Fetch media on sync checkbox if you do so).

How was it done ?

The pictures are CC BY 2.0 and the website exposes the pictures with simple url.

I just had to use wget to download them all, then convert to crop them to remove the text. Then I had to manually add them to a new deck using the Anki desktop tool. All in all it took me about 2 hours, while I was waiting for my train.