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This repository holds all the content of my personal blog.

Jekyll and Hyde

It is build using the static website generator Jekyll and is inspired by the Hyde theme, by @mdo.

Previous versions

This is the third iteration of my blog. I kept the content but updated both the theme and the underlying technology. Version 2 was based on cakePHP, but I decided to try the static generation adventure, hoping it will help me blog more often. And so far, it worked.


As an exercice, I also made the code available on GitHub. Using git makes backups a non-issue, and site updates are only a git push away. As most of my workflow now involves git, it seems a natural evolution.

Build process

All the jekyll processing is done through grunt. The full website is build using grunt build and is then uploaded on the webserver with rsync.

One can locally serve the build output using grunt serve, and deploy it online with grunt deploy.

Development process

There is also a secondary process, used in development that does not involve concatenating and minifiying assets, and only builds a subset of the whole posts.

It is build using grunt build:dev and served with grunt serve:dev. This only includes the 10 last posts (and drafts) and enable livereload.


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