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// Timor-Leste
@mixin flag-tls() {
@include ratio(1 / 2);
$unit: $h6;
$black: #000;
$white: #FFF;
$red: #da291c;
$yellow: #ffc72c;
// Yellow stripes to paint a black triangle
// Alpha: top left yellow angle
$y-alpha: (90 - atan(4 / 3)) * 1deg;
$y-alpha-prime: $y-alpha + 90deg;
$y-alpha-distance: sin($y-alpha-prime) * $height;
// Beta: bottom left yellow angle
$y-beta: -$y-alpha - 180deg;
$y-beta-distance: $y-alpha-distance;
// Red stripes to paint a yellow triangle
// Alpha: top left red angle
$r-alpha: atan(3 / 6) * 1deg;
$r-alpha-distance: sin($r-alpha) * $width;
// Beta: bottom left red angle
$r-beta: -$r-alpha - 180deg;
$r-beta-distance: $r-alpha-distance;
// Note: We need two triangles and a star. As our triangle and star mixins
// each requires their own before/after, we need to find another way.
// We will paint the triangles using successive diagonal stripes in order to
// hide part of the background and give the illusion of triangles
background-color: $black;
stripe($r-alpha, $red, $height, $r-alpha-distance),
stripe($r-beta, $red, $height, $r-beta-distance),
stripe($y-alpha, $yellow, $width, $y-alpha-distance),
stripe($y-beta, $yellow, $height, $y-beta-distance);
$star-symbol: $UTF8_BLACK_STAR;
$star-size: 2 * $unit;
$star-left: (4 * $unit) / 3;
$star-top: $h2;
$star-rotate: -20deg;
&:before {
@include symbol($star-symbol, $white, $star-size, $star-left, $star-top);
transform: rotate($star-rotate);