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This website lets you pick a random attendee in any meetup. Useful for organizers that wants to give goodies to a random attendee.

Paste the url of the event in the field and submit the form. One of the random users will be displayed.

Screecast of the random selector

How it works

When you submit the form, a request is made to a custom server-side script (hosted on webtask.io). This script will receive the meetup.com url, download it, parse its HTML, and return a JSON object of a random attendee.

The initial webpage will then display the results.

What is Webtask.io?

Webtask.io is an awesome service provided by the awesome people at Auth0. It lets you upload server-side JavaScript snippets to their hosted platform. You can then request those snippets through a custom url, and have your code executed server-side.

I'm using it here to do the download + parsing of the meetup.com page, as I cannot do it in the browser directly, because of CORS issues.

The script is available in ./webtask/meetup-random-user.js, and accessible at https://wt-a2f9d5672798ac7ef42b871652a58fb0-0.run.webtask.io/meetup-random-user. You won't have the rights to edit, but feel free to push your own copy of it to your own account if you'd like to add any changes to it.

How to test it locally?

You can test the output of the webtask function by running yarn run test. It will in turn run the test.js file. A meetup url is hardcoded inside this file, you have to check if the output seems ok.