Naive PHP proxy to download a local copy of pages you're browsing.
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What is it ?

Slurp is a very simple and naive php proxy that you can use to download a website as you are visiting it.

How does it work ?

Just edit your hosts file and add a line that redirect the website you want to proxy to where slurp is installed.

Then configure your local webserver to redirect all unknown resources to the main index.php gateway.

Slurp will then download the file initially requested and save it locally. If the file has already been saved, slurp will simply return the local file.

What can I use it for ?

Well, I don't know for you but I used it to easily create a local copy of the files that were downloaded when I was browsing some sites. wget is a great tool, but sometimes when pages are loaded through AJAX or flash, slurp is much powerful as every request will be saved locally.