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During the workshop each participant will design and program a unique character for a simple 2D-action game using the Flash-based game framework Flixel. In the game two players compete against each other in a virtual arena. At the beginning of a match, each player is randomly assigned one of the characters with a unique set of features and properties, allowing for asymmetric game play.

Participants will learn how to create interesting game interactions within an existing structure, and how to collaborate on a project in a parallel fashion. Each contributed game character will directly affect the game play, evoking discussion about what makes a game balanced, coherent, diverse and enjoyable. The finished game including all contributed characters will be released as open source on GitHub.


  1. Download the Flex SDK 4.6
  2. Download the Flash Player 11.6 Projector content debugger
  3. Download the workshop project
  4. Create a new folder for this workshop (e.g. asymetric-gamedesign).
  5. Unzip all downloaded files.
  6. Move the unzipped folders and the Flash Player Debugger into your new folder.

Compile the project

Open a command line Terminal.

Type cd asymetric-gamedesign to change the current directory to your new folder.

Compile the workshop project using mxmlc:

./flex_sdk_4.6/bin/mxmlc ./resonate-flixel-workshop-master/src/ -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true -output ./Main.swf

Open the Main.swf file using the Flash Player Debugger.


You can display the development console at any time while playing by pressing the '~' or tilde key on your keyboard. (The key is next to the left Shift key, it might have a different symbol on international keyboards.)

FlxG.log("This is a test.");

// Use inside a character class, "x", "Character X");

Finding your way around in Flixel

Flixel has a recommended way of doing things for many common design problems. Make sure to familiarize yourself with its features ( and documentation ( The source code for Flixel is contained in the workshop project under src/org/flixel. Have a look into the Flixel classes (especially FlxSprite) if you want to better understand how things work.

Game controls

Player One

W – Move Up
A – Move Left
S – Move Down
D – Move Right
SHIFT – Attack

Player Two

ARROW UP – Move Up
ARROW LEFT – Move Left
ARROW DOWN – Move Down
ARROW LEFT – Move Right
SPACE – Attack

Workshop schedule

10:00 Workshop goals

10:15 Round of introductions

10:30 Walkthrough AS3 project + game logic

11:00 Setup development environment

11:30 Make a quick concept for your game character

11:45 Start coding!

14:00 Lunch

17:00 All character classes must be in Dropbox

17:30 Play session with all game characters

18:30 Wrap-up


  • Build exactly one character class
  • Build one or more projectile classes that your character can use a weapon
  • You must not modify any other classes (except for testing your classes)
  • Your character must have strenghs and weaknesses
  • Playtest your character constantly with other participants

How to design your character

  • Iterative design process – Design, Build, Test
  • Flow theory – Not too easy, not too hard
  • What makes your character interesting to play?
  • What are your character's strenghs?
  • What are your character's weaknesses?
  • How does it feel to control your character?
  • Does your character favor a specific play style?
  • What's the best strategy to play this character?


Asymmetric Game Design With Flixel – Workshop at Resonate 2013 in Belgrade






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