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Automatic Netlify builds on WordPress publish and update events.
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Netlify Deploy 🚗💨

License: MIT Twitter: @tinydevteam

Automatic Netlify builds on WordPress publish and update events.


  • Makes it super easy to keep a static frontend in sync with your post database
  • Out of the box support for configuration with .env
  • Full composer support
  • Supports custom posttypes
  • Supports custom publish hooks
  • Free & open source


  • WordPress 5.2+
  • PHP 7.2+


composer require pixelcollective\netlify-deploy


Request a webhook URL from Netlify to use to trigger builds (you can find the "Build hooks" section on your site dashboard at /settings/deploys#build-hooks).

Next, add the URL to your site .env variables and activate the plugin. Env variables are included in .env.example and below, for your reference:

## Hooks



By default the plugin makes a run on the provided Netlify webhook when the standard WordPress posttypes post and page undergo a change in publish status.

If you would like to modify this you can do so by passing an array of desired posttypes to the netlify_posttypes filter.

add_filter('netlify_posttypes', [


You can modify your webhooks at runtime using the netlify_hooks filter:

add_filter('netlify_hooks', [
  'development' => '',
  'testing'     => '',
  'production'  => '',


If you don't want to use env variables because you don't have a deployment strategy and enjoy living poorly you can hook into the netlify_env_override filter and pass the target webhook directly at runtime:

add_filter('netlify_env_override', '');


Change the post status transitions which trigger a build. Usage with the default values is shown below:

add_filter('netlify_transitions', [


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