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A back-to-basics subreddit theme. Flat, minimal, with a focus on content, eddited is arguably reddit's cleanest and most customizable subreddit theme.

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Quick Install

  • Download the latest release zip and extract.
  • Upload header.jpg and sidebar.jpg to your subreddit.
  • Paste the contents of theme.css into your stylesheet settings.


If you want to build a custom version, but don't want to learn how to compile LESS, there is a handy web compiler located at


Changing any values here will update the them on compile.


The text in the first box is your current setup, save that to a text file to backup your theme settings. To restore, copy the contents of your file into the second box and hit Restore.


Once you're done modifying the config to your liking, hit compile to build your custom theme. Paste the contents of the text box into your stylesheet.



  • @color-accent
    Blue by default; The main accent color of the site.

  • @color-background
    White by default; Background color.

  • @color-text
    Black by default; Main font color.

  • @color-text-subtle
    A lighter/darker version of the main font color, to blend in easier with the background.

  • @color-shadow
    Should be marginally lighter/darker than @color-background

  • @color-border
    Follows the same guide as @color-shadow but even lighter/darker.

  • @color-link
    The color for the links on the page. Most often matches @color-accent

  • @color-button
    The color for the buttons on the page. Most often matches @color-accent

  • @color-button-text
    A readable color for button text, most often @color-background

  • @color-thumbnail
    The background for thumbnails. Most often matches @color-shadow

  • @color-upvote
    Most often an orange color.

  • @color-downvote
    Most often a blue color.

  • @color-nsfw
    The NSFW badge/thumbnail color. Most often red.

  • @color-locked
    Locked badge/thumbnail color. Most often gold.

  • @color-stickied
    Sticked thread color, most often green.

  • @color-visited
    Color for visited links, should be a subtle color like @color-text-subtle

  • @color-red-flair
    The color for red flairs, most often matches @color-nsfw

  • @color-green-flair
    The color for green flairs, most often matches @color-stickied


  • @width-sidebar
    The width of the sidebar.

  • @width-thumbnail / @height-thumbnail
    Change the size/aspect ratio of the thumbnail

  • @text-submit-link
    Submit Link button text; "Show" by default

  • @text-submit-text
    Submit Text button text; "Tell" by default

  • @text-subscribers
    Subscribers text; "Users" by default

  • @text-here-now
    Here Now text; "Browsing" by default

  • @text-sub-prefix The prefix for subreddit name.


Header box

  • @enable-header-box
    This enables/disabled the header image area above the main reddit page.

  • @header-box-height

  • @header-box-bg-color

  • @header-box-text-color

  • @header-box-bg-image
    Use a background image in the header box. Filename 'header'

  • @text-header-box
    The splash text. "r/eddited - clean. simple."

Sidebar Image

  • @enable-sidebar-image
    Enable an image in the sidebar. Filename 'sidebar'

  • @sidebar-image-height

Sidebar Popout

  • @enable-sidebar-popout
    Hide certain information until sidebar hover.


Text is the first H1 element in the sidebar.
# This will show up as a headline

  • @enable-headline-box
    Enables the box below the header.

  • @headline-box-bg-color

  • @headline-box-text-color

Split Submit Buttons

  • @enable-split-submit-buttons

NSFW thumbnails

  • @enable-nsfw-thumbnails