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A covenant for Fediverse administrators to keep the network as intact as possible
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The Fediverse-Friendly Moderation Covenant

The Fediverse is, while already existing for a while in all kinds, rapidly growing and changing. Current-day Fediverse software can employ all kinds of moderation, improving on the lack thereof from platforms that were used before (e.g. Twitter), but features given, if used too thoroughly can also impact the integrity of the natural growth and communication of the network.

This covenant isn't here to replace an instances set of rules. It's simply an extension that administration/moderation can pledge to follow so the networks integrity and the ability of users to interact with as many people as possible is kept intact.

You can find the covenant in Simply take the raw markdown or text format, adjust it to your needs and copy it in your instances rules/terms.


Do you have any suggestions for the covenant? Is the wording wrong or the grammar messed up? Feel free to open an issue or make a Pull Request improving the document!

Who's using the Covenant?

Also using the Covenant and want to be shown in this list? Feel free to open a PR to add your instance here or contact!


The Fediverse-Friendly Moderation Covenant is licensed under CC0

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