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Exp:resso Store Product Modifiers Range

Show the actual price range of an Exp:resso Store product based off its modifiers.

For example, you might have a bunch of colors and a bunch of sizes. One color might cost more, one size might cost less. You will be able to output the highest and lowest prices based off the modifiers.


  • Red (+$0)
  • Blue (+$1)
  • Brown (-$1)


  • Small (+$0)
  • Medium (+$0)
  • XL (+$2)

Stock Combinations

  • Red Small ($0)
  • Red Medium ($0)
  • Red XL (+$2)
  • Blue Small (+$1)
  • Blue Medium (+$1)
  • Blue XL (+$3)
  • Brown Small (-$1)
  • Brown Medium (-$1)
  • Brown XL (+$1)

So now the lowest modifier is -$1.00 and the highest is +$3.00.
If your base product price is $10.00, your real range would be $9.00 to $13.00.


Copy the system/expressionengine/third_party/product_mod_range folder to your system/expressionengine/third_party directory.



Parameter Description
entry_id Entry ID. Required.
base_price The price of your product. It will be added to your modifier outputs.


Variable Description
min The lowest product modifier.
max The highest product modifier.
base_price The price passed in through the base_price parameter.


Variable Description
has_mods If the product has any modifiers, this returns true.
no_mods If the product doesn't have any modifiers, this returns true.


{exp:product_mod_range entry_id="{entry_id}" base_price="{price}"}
  {if has_mods}{min} to {max}{/if}
  {if no_mods}{base_price}{/if}


My Product
$9.00 to $13.00

or if your product has no modifiers:

My Product


Please open a Github Issue for support.

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