Simple Global Fields for Statamic
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Simple Global Fields for Statamic

People have wanted a way to manage variables across their Statamic sites that don't fit into a particular page. These might include things like a Twitter account URL or a contact phone number.

There is a technique people use which is to create a 'globals' or 'miscellaneous' content page with these fields, then you can reference them in your templates using {{ get_content from="/globals" }}{{ twitter_url }}{{ /get_content }}.

This add-on exists to make the process more streamlined and simple for you and your clients.


  1. Copy globals into _add-ons/
  2. Copy across _content/
  3. Copy across _config/fieldsets/globals.yaml
  4. In _config/settings.yaml, add globals: true to the _admin_nav array


In the control panel, the 'Globals' link in the navigation should take you to the publish page for your _content/ file.

In your templates, use the following to output your values:

{{ globals:your_var }}

This would be the equivalent of:

{{ get_content from="/globals" show_drafts="yes" }}{{ your_var }}{{ /get_content }}