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0.10.1 beta

@trwnh trwnh released this
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  • Remote follows! Search for an actor URI, send AP Follow, plus handle incoming AP Accept Follow
  • Compose UI v4: a rework of the v3 flow to allow basic cropping and better support future post types
  • Profile badges show if a user is following you or is an admin
  • Show confirmation message when muting or blocking a user from a post
  • Allow "read more" to be disabled on posts
  • Loops! Discover short videos
  • Preliminary support for profile PropertyValue metadata
  • Preliminary support for Direct Messages
  • Places! Run the artisan task import:cities
  • Emails are now validated and banned email domains are disallowed at signup. Artisan task email:bancheck will validate existing users.
  • .env vars REDIS_SCHEME and REDIS_PATH allow for using Redis over a Unix socket instead of TCP
  • .env var IMAGE_DRIVER allows using imagick instead of gd


  • Show delete button while composing video posts
  • Show pending follow requests on private profiles
  • Allow muted users to comment on your posts
  • Bugs with carousel cursor and tooltips
  • Collections can now be deleted from collection page
  • Compose modal now indicates album media limits
  • Unlisted and private posts are now delivered
  • Don't show Register link in navbar when registrations are closed


  • Use vue-masonry for Moment UI layout
  • User post limit changed from 20/hr to 50/hr
  • Better mobile profile layout
  • Dark mode is now a bit bluer
  • Sample nginx.conf in contrib/ now uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. Docs updated to reference this file
  • Updated register form
  • Allow users to edit email after registrations