Clicking on [+] does not work in Chrome #1

chicagogrrl opened this Issue Jul 8, 2011 · 1 comment


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In Chrome on OSX (do not have a PC to test on at the moment), clicking on the "[+]" that the .menuTree:before class provides does not collapse/expand the tree. Clicking on the text in the link does.

Safari and Firefox display the expected behavior of expanding/collapsing on clicking the "[+]".

You can see this behavior in the example page on


pixelhandler commented Jul 12, 2011

I see the issue, the [+] behavior like a button is meant to be an example not necessarily production usage. A while back I implemented this plugin here : this seems to still work in Chrome when clicking the arrows next to each faq item. Perhaps take a peek at the source there as reference. best regards, -Bill

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