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You can contact us on the channel GoGoCarto at


GoGoCarto is a full reusable application to create collaborative cartographic directory

The software have been developped for the project "Près de chez Nous", consisting on referencing food/education/health/... alternatives in France.

GoGoCarto is highly configurable, and ready to be reused by anyone to create its own map, with its own data, categories, moderation rules, configuration etc... There is a whole back office to manage data, contents, configuration


See more screenshot of the backoffice

GoGoCarto & GoGoCartoJs

The GoGoCarto project is divided into two separate projects.

  • GoGoCarto repo take care of backend stuff, the form to add new elements, the backoffice, and additonnals pages sucha as homepage
  • GoGoCartoJs an autonomous javascript library responsible for data vizualisation (map, list, categories, search...). See the online full documentation


Symfony2, Twig templates, SASS, MaterializeCSS, Javascript, Gulp