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Simple Issue Tracking for Teams. Built in Laravel 3 (php/mysql)
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Visit the project


Installing Bugs

  • Create a MySQL Database ( note name and password, you will need them during install process )
  • Make /uploads/ write-able ( CHMOD -R 770 )
  • set www-data ( CHOWN -R www-data:www-data ) as owner of the Bugs's main directory and sub-directories
  • Open index.php ... it should bring you to ./install/index.php page and open the installation forms


Upgrading from a previous installation

  • backup and your uploads folder.
  • simply replace the codebase with the new version (via an ftp client such as Filezilla).
  • make sure your uploads folder and are still there
  • If necessary, add this line to your -> please see the last


  • Tested on: Apache, IIS
  • PHP 5.3+ : ready for PHP 7.0.18; works good under PHP 7.2 and over
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Extension for PHP (MySQL)
  • MCrypt Extension for PHP : soon MCrypt will be removed from Bugs project
  • Javascript Enabled - Bugs also uses heavy Javascript to make it easier to use

How to contribute

We welcome and appreciate all contributions. The develop branch is the branch you should base all pull requests and development off of. The master branch is tagged releases only.

For any coding contribution, please use a git tool ( visit to know more ). Then, push you modification throw a new branch. NEVER push on master.


  • v.1.6 : February 2019

  • v.1.5.2b : 23 septembre 2018

    • Wysyg text editor ( you can install the one you like )
    • sorting project's issues
    • filtering project's issues
    • upload and attach file to an issue
    • automatized installation (better than before)
    • linked to report system (optionnal, report system from another git deposit)
  • v.1.5.2 : 15 March 2017

    • reassign issue
    • email system based on PHPmail: work every time you change assignation
    • projects sorted by name
    • percentage work done
    • percentage time passed before deadline
    • every single word on screen may be translated by app/application/language files
    • install in many language
  • v1.5 : 12 July 2015:

    • fix: Time Display format now configurable, see config.example.php
    • fix: SQL « tags » table not included during installation
    • fix: Bugs assets now load correctly if inside a subfolder

various layout tweaks.

Main Developers

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