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luajit based opengl rendering sandbox
C Lua D
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Luxinia 2
(c) 2009-2014 by Christoph Kubisch


luxinia 2 is the spiritual successor of luxinia 1.x 

While version 1 was a complete game-engine with many
features (sound, collision, particles, animation ..), 
version 2 is designed to be an experimental sandbox and
easier to integrate in regular Lua projects (Lua owns
the mainloop)

Constantly work in progress, loose framework

The major change is that it uses luajit2.x's capability
to call native C functions, hence more functionality is 
written in Lua

A related project is the wxLua based IDE Estrela 
now advanced and maintained by ZeroBrane
which is tightly knit with luxinia2 and allows easy

See LICENSE for details (MIT) and 3RDPARTY for
other libraries used in this project.

Similar frameworks can be found at 
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