A Unity version of the open source C# library used to read BulletML XML files
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BulletMLLib - Unity version

This is a fork of the dmanning23's BulletMLLib.

Unity version

We made several modification to make it compatible with Unity 4.3+:

  • Using UnityEngine namepsaces
  • Using Vector2 for positions
  • Added an abstract method to Bullet.cs to tell the game when the bullet is ready

We also fixed:

  • The times node of the repeat were evaluated only once, so if you were using a $rank or $rand it always had the same value during runtime.

It is not up to date as the current version is using async and some .NET features that are still not available in Unity (.NET 3.5) .


This library use Equationator, an open-source library to compute mathematical string operations.

We decided to embed the .dll file only, but you can find the whole source code on GitHub:

Is this a Unity plugin?

Disclaimer: this is NOT a Unity plugin. This is a C# engine compatible with a Unity project.

We provide a simple, powerful and fully documented plugin to integrate BulletML in your game: