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Script to create a fresh macOS chroot jail
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macOS mkjail

Script to automatically prepare a functional chroot jail with the following utilities:

Utility Priority Type Depends
bash Required Self-compiled none
coreutils Required Self-compiled none
inetutils Required* Self-compiled none
grep Extra Self-compiled none
less Extra Self-compiled none
make Extra Self-compiled none
nano Extra Self-compiled none
gzip Extra Self-compiled none
zsh Extra Self-compiled none
tar Extra Self-compiled none
binutils Extra Self-compiled none
xz-utils Extra Self-compiled none
bzip2 Extra Pre-compiled none
bashpm WIP Bash Script curl, xz-utils, tar, grep
curl (no SSL support) Recommended Pre-compiled CoreFoundation**

*: The script will continue even if this utility isn't compiled properly
**: A preinstalled framework in macOS, copied by the script inside the jail.

Tested on: macOS High Sierra (10.13.6), macOS Mojave (10.14)

Note: You don't need utility-archive to use this script. It is there just in case the official source goes down.

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