Fetches random integers from random.org instead of using PHP's PRNG implementation
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Composer-compatible library to interact with random.org's API in order to generate truly random lists of integers, sequences of integers, and random alpha-numeric strings.

Random.org does limit the amount of random numbers/strings you can generate in a day, and this program will check your remaining quota before sending requests. If you need more than the free allowance, there are instructions on random.org for purchasing additional.

I have nothing to do with random.org other then thinking its a cool service.


Install via Packagist

"require" : 
  "pixeloution/true-random" : "*" 

in your composer.json file


use Pixeloution\Random\Randomizer;

# takes a partial User Agent as an argument; random.org requests you use your
# email address in case of issues
$generator = new Randomizer( 'name@example.com' );

Generate Lists of Integers

Returns an array of non-unique integers between min, max

$generator->integers( $minimum_value, $maximum_value, $quantity );

Generate A Sequence of Integers

Returns an array of a integers from $start to $end, each integer appearing once.

$generator->sequence( $start, $end );

Generate a list of random strings

Returns an array of strings $length characters long, made up of character types specified via bitwise options. The default value is ALL ^ UNIQUE

Options are:

  • Randomizer::DIGITS
  • Randomizer::UPPERCASE
  • Randomizer::LOWERCASE
  • Randomizer::UNIQUE
  • Randomizer::ALL

Some examples:

# returns all strings containing uppercase and lowercase only
$generator->strings( $len, $qty, Randomizer::UPPERCASE | Randomizer::LOWERCASE );

# returns lowercase strings, no repeated letters
$generator->strings( $len, $qty, Randomizer::LOWERCASE | Randomizer::UNIQUE );

# returns uppercase, lowercase, numeric with non-unique charaters. this is the default
$generator->strings( $len, $qty, Randomizer::ALL ^ Randomizer::UNIQUE );