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Bootstrap a Rails 2.3 app with user authentication (Authlogic, Clearance, restful_authentication)
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Bootstrap a Rails 2.3 app with a template

Notes for anybody using older versions of Strappy

Branch shuffling.

master => choosy golden => master authlogic is untouched restful_authentication is untouched

What are these branches?

  • master is what we use ourselves, the explanation of what it has is this doc
  • choosy is a template that allows you to choose your auth method from Authlogic, Clearance, restful_authentication or none
  • authlogic generates an app with authlogic code
  • restful_authentication generates an app with restful_authentication code

Keep in mind that once we decided on this setup the others have not been maintained.

What does this thing have in it

  • Haml views
  • Sass stylesheets
  • jQuery 1.4
  • jQueryUI 1.7
  • Blackbird for UI debugging
  • CC.rb rake task
  • Capistrano with Staging and Production environments
  • A default ‘home’ controller in place of index.html
  • A strappy rake task to install commonly used plugins, lifted from Bort and modified

Admittedly this thing kind of steps out side of the box in what I believe they intended application templates to do by bringing in controllers and specs.


Installed plugins

Plugins available through rake strappy:install

Haml rake task

You can use rake haml:from:format to convert templates to Haml, where format would generally be erb or rhtml


rails -m app_name
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