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Discord bot that scans messages for key words.
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WordWatch Setup

To run this bot on a Discord server:

  1. Visit and set up a bot account.
  2. Copy the Client/Application ID.
  3. Go to
  4. Authorize bot access to your desired server.
  5. Make sure you've done pip install in command prompt if you don't have it already.
  6. Obtain bot token from the developer page.
  7. On replace the bot-token placeholder with a valid token.

The bot can now be run!


WordWatch is a Discord chat bot that can track key words and phrases. For example, if a user wants to track the phrase lorem ipsum and be alerted every time that phrase is used in a conversation, all they would need to do is run a simple command. Users can easily customize notification frequency and choose which channels of a server they want the bot to scan messages for.

The inspiration for this bot stems from a conversation on the UCI Discord Server. A user asked if it was possible to track certain phrases (such as UCI courses) and be notified whenever the term appears in conversations. I ended up creating this chat bot in about 16 hours over the course of 4 days.


The bot uses the prefix .. to invoke commands.

Calling a command in the chat (example demonstrates the help command):

Note: Phrases must be wrapped in quotes but single words don't. Also, commands will not work outside servers the bot is running in.

  1. help - Displays documentation in chat on how to use the bot.

  2. watched - Gives user list of all watched words/phrases on the server. Also shows current cd setting.

  3. watchword "word" [channels (optional)] - Start watching a word and be alerted according to your cd setting. Channels can be filtered, skipping the addfilter step. Simply list channels after the word/phrase separated by spaces.

..watchword "lorem ipsum" #general
..watchword lorem #general #off-topic
..watchword "lorem ipsum"
..watchword lorem

  1. deleteword "word" - Deletes the specified word/phrase from your watch list.

..deleteword "lorem ipsum"
..deleteword lorem

  1. watchclear - Clears all watched words/phrases that you are watching.

  2. cd [minutes] - Toggle how long before you want to be alerted again after the most recent alert. Set at 15 minutes by default. 3

  1. worddetail "word" - Tells you the filtered channels enabled for the word/phrase and time the word/phrase was last seen.

..worddetail "lorem ipsum"
..worddetail lorem

  1. addfilter "word" [channels] - Start watching for word/phrase in specified channels. Will not replace previously watching channels.

..addfilter lorem #general #games

  1. deletefilter "word" [channels] - Stop watching for word/phrase in specified channels.

..deletefilter "lorem ipsum" #off-topic #general

  1. clearfilter "word" - Remove all filters from word/phrase; watch entire server instead.

..clearfilter "lorem ipsum"
..clearfilter lorem

  1. forcesave - Force saves all current data into the JSON files. Admin only!

  2. botstop - Saves data and logs out bot. Admin only!

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