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# New Relic Ruby Agent Release Notes #
### Next Up ###
## v3.5.1 ##
### current version ###
## v3.5.0.1 ##
* (Fix) Due to a serious resource leak we have ended support for versions of Phusion Passenger
older than 2.1.1. Users of older versions are encouraged upgrade to a more recent version.
## v3.5.0 ##
* (Fix) RUM Stops Working After Agent Upgrade
v3.4.2.1 introduced a bug that caused the browser monitor auto instrumentation
(for RUM) default to be false. The correct value of true is now used
* When the Ruby Agent detects Unicorn as the dispatcher it creates an INFO level log message
with additional information
To help customers using Unicorn, if the agent detects it (Unicorn) is being used as the
dispatcher an INFO level log message it created that includes a link to New Relic
online doc that has additional steps that may be required to get performance data reporting.
* (Fix) In version 3.4.2 of the Ruby Agent the server side value for Apdex T was disgregarded
With version 3.4.2 of the agent, the value set in the newrelic.yml file took precedence over the
value set in the New Relic UI. As of version 3.5.0 only the value for Apdex T set in the
New Relic UI will be used. Any setting in the yaml file will be ignored.
* Improved Error Detection/Reporting capabilities for Rails 3 apps
Some errors are missed by the agent's exception reporting handlers because they are
generated in the rails stack, outside of the instrumented controller action. A Rack
middleware is now included that can detect these errors as they bubble out of the middleware stack.
Note that this does not include Routing Errors.
* The Ruby Agent now logs certain information it receives from the New Relic servers
After connecting to the New Relic servers the agent logs the New Relic URL
of the app it is reporting to.
* GC profiling overhead for Ruby 1.9 reduced
For Ruby 1.9 the amount of time spent in GC profiling has been reduced.
* Know issue with Ruby 1.8.7-p334, sqlite3-ruby 1.3.0 or older, and resque 1.23.0
The Ruby Agent will not work in conjunction with Ruby 1.8.7-p334, sqlite3-ruby 1.3.3
or earlier, and resque 1.23.0. Your app will likely stop functioning. This is a known problem
with Ruby versions up to 1.8.7-p334. Upgrading to the last release of Ruby 1.8.7
is recommended. This issue has been present in every version of the agent we've tested
going back for a year.
### previous versions ###
## v3.4.2.1 ##
* Fix issue when app_name is nil
If the app_name setting ends up being nil an exception got generated and the application
wouldn't run. This would notably occur when running a Heroku app locally without the
NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME environment variable set. A nil app_name is now detected and an
error logged specifying remediation.
## v3.4.2 ##
* The RUM NRAGENT tk value gets more robustly sanitized to prevent potential XSS vulnerabilities
The code that scrubes the token used in Real User Monitoring has been enhanced to be
more robust.
* Support for Apdex T in server side configuration
For those using server side configuration the Ruby Agent now supports setting
the Apdex T value via the New Relic UI.
* Refactoring of agent config code
The code that reads the configuration information and confirgures the agent
got substantially reorganized, consolidated, simplified, and made more robust.
## v3.4.1 ##
#### Bug Fixes ####
* Fix edge case in RUM auto instrumentation where X-UA-Compatible meta tag is
present but </head> tag is missing.
There is a somewhat obscure edge case where RUM auto instrumentation will
crash a request. The issue seems to be triggered when the X-UA-Compatible
meta tag is present and the </head> tag is missing.
* Fixed reference to @service.request_timeout to @request_timeout in
new_relic_service.rb. (Thanks to Matthew Savage)
When a timeout occurred during connection to the collector an "undefined
method `request_timeout' for nil:NilClass'" would get raised.
* preserve visibility on traced methods.
Aliased methods now have the same visibility as the original traced method.
A couple of the esoteric methods created in the process weren't getting the
visibility set properly.
* Agent service does not connect to directed shard collector after connecting
to proxy
After connecting to collector proxy name of real collector was updated, but
ip address was not being updated causing connections to go to the proxy.
Agent now looks up ip address for real collector.
* corrupt marshal data from pipe children crashing agent
If the agent receieved corrupted data from the Reqsue worker child agent
it could crash the agent itself. fixed.
* should reset RubyBench GC counter between polls
On Ruby REE, the GC profiler does not reset the counter between polls. This
is only a problem if GC could happen *between* transactions, as in, for
example, out-of-band GC in Unicorn. fixed.
* Prevent the agent from resolving the collector address when disabled.
* Fix for error collector configuration that was introduced during beta.
* Preserve method visibility when methods are traced with #add_method_tracer and #add_transaction_tracer
* Major refactor of data transmission mechanism. This enabled child processes to send data to parent processes, which then send the data to the New Relic service. This should only affect Resque users, dramatically improving their experience.
* Moved Resque instrumentation from rpm_contrib to main agent. Resque users should discontinue use of rpm_contrib or upgrade to 2.1.11.
* Resolve issue with configuring the Error Collector when using server-side configuration.
* [FIX] Allow tracing of methods ending in ! and ?
* [PERF] Give up after scanning first 50k of the response in RUM
* [FIX] Don't raise when extracting metrics from SQL queries with non UTF-8 bytes.
* Replaced "Custom/DJ Locked Jobs" metric with new metrics for
monitoring DelayedJob: queue_length, failed_jobs, and locked_jobs, all under
Workers/DelayedJob. queue_length is also broken out by queue name or priority
depending on the version of DelayedJob deployed.
* Bug fix when rendering empty collection in Rails 3.1+
* Rails 3 view instrumentation
* Improved Sinatra instrumentation
* Limit the number of nodes collected in long running transactions to prevent leaking memory
* [SECURITY] fix for cookie handling by End User Monitoring instrumentation
* deployments recipe change: truncate git SHAs to 7 characters
* Fixes for obfuscation of PostgreSQL and SQLite queries
* Fix for lost database connections when using a forking framework
* Workaround for RedHat kernel bug which prevented blocking reads of /proc fs
* Do not trap signals when handling exceptions
* improved Ruby 1.8.6 support
* fix for issues with RAILS_ROOT deprecation warnings
* fixed incorrect 1.9 GC time reporting
* obfusction for Slow SQL queries respects transaction trace config
* fix for RUM instrumentation repoting bad timing info in some cases
* refactored ActiveRecord instrumentation, no longer requires Rails
* fix for GC instrumentation when using Ruby 1.9
* new feature to correlate browser and server transaction traces
* new feature to trace slow sql statements
* fix to help cope with malformed rack responses
* do not try to instrument versions of ActiveMerchant that are too old
* Updated LICENSE
* Updated links to support docs
* Fix over-detection of mongrel and unicorn and only start the agent when
actual server is running
* Improve developer mode backtraces to support ruby 1.9.2, windows
* Fixed some cases where Memcache instrumentation was failing to load
* Ability to set log destination by NEW_RELIC_LOG env var
* Fix to mutex lib load issue
* Performance enhancements (thanks to Jeremy Kemper)
* Fix overly verbose STDOUT message (thanks to Anselm Helbig)
* Fixed some thread safety issues
* Work around for Ruby 1.8.7 Marshal crash bug
* Numerous community patches (Gabriel Horner, Bradley Harris, Diego Garcia,
Tommy Sullivan, Greg Hazel, John Thomas Marino, Paul Elliott, Pan Thomakos)
* Fixed RUM instrumentation bug
* Support for Rails 3.1 (thanks to Ben Hoskings via github)
* Support for Rubinius
* Fixed issues affecting some Delayed Job users where log files were not appearing
* Fixed an issue where some instrumentation might not get loaded in Rails apps
* Fix for memcached cas method (thanks to Andrew Long and Joseph Palermo )
* Fix for logger deprecation warning (thanks to Jonathan del Strother via github)
* Support for logging to STDOUT
* Support for Spymemcached client on jruby
* Support for aggregating data from short-running
processes to reduce reporting overhead
* Numerous bug fixes
* Increased unit test coverage
* Updated Real User Monitoring to reduce javascript size and improve
compatibility, fix a few known bugs
* Support for Real User Monitoring
* Back end work on internals to improve reliability
* added a 'log_file_name' and 'log_file_path' configuration variable to allow
setting the path and name of the agent log file
* Improve reliability of statistics calculations
* Remove some previously deprecated methods
* Remove Sequel instrumentation pending more work
* Avoid overriding methods named 'log' when including the MethodTracer module
* Ensure that all load paths for 'new_relic/agent' go through 'new_relic/control' first
* Remove some debugging output from tests
* Dependency detection framework to prevent multi-loading or early-loading
of instrumentation files
* Moved the API helper to the github newrelic_api gem.
* Revamped queue time to include server, queue, and middleware time
* Increased test coverage and stability
* Add Trinidad as a dispatcher (from Calavera, on github)
* Sequel instrumentation from Aman Gupta
* patches to 1.9 compatibility from dkastner on github
* Support for 1.9.2's garbage collection instrumentation from Justin Weiss
* On Heroku, existing queue time headers will be detected
* Fix rack constant scoping in dev mode for 1.9 (Rack != ::Rack)
* Fixes for instrumentation loading failing on Exception classes that
are not subclasses of StandardError
* Fix active record instrumentation load order for Rails 3
* Update DNS lookup code to remove hardcoded IP addresses
* Dalli instrumentation from Mike Perham (thanks Mike)
* Datamapper instrumentation from Jordan Ritter (thanks Jordan)
* Apdex now defaults to 0.5
!!! Please be aware that if you are not setting an apdex,
!!! this will cause a change in the apparent performance of your app.
* Make metric hashes threadsafe (fixes problems sending metrics in Jruby
threaded code)
* Delete obsolete links to metric docs in developer mode
* Detect gems when using Bundler
* Fix newrelic_ignore in Rails 3
* Break metric parser into a seperate vendored gem
* When using Unicorn, preload_app: true is recommended to get proper
after_fork behavior.
* Remove a puts. Yes, a whole release for a puts.
* Add missing require in rails 3 framework control
* developer mode is now a rack middleware and can be used on any framework;
it is no longer supported automatically on versions of Rails prior to 2.3;
see README for details
* memcache key recording for transaction traces
* use system_timer gem if available, fall back to timeout lib
* address instability issues in JRuby 1.2
* renamed executable 'newrelic_cmd' to 'newrelic'; old name still supported
for backward compatibility
* added 'newrelic install' command to install a newrelic.yml file in the
current directory
* optimization to execution time measurement
* optimization to startup sequence
* change startup sequence so that instrumentation is installed after all
other gems and plugins have loaded
* add option to override automatic flushing of data on exit--send_data_on_exit
defaults to 'true'
* ignored errors no longer affect apdex score
* added record_transaction method to the api to allow recording
details from web and background transactions occurring outside RPM
* fixed a bug related to enabling a gold trial / upgrade not sending
trasaction traces correctly
* fix regression in startup sequence
* fix for regression in Rails 2.1 inline rendering
* workaround bug found in some rubies that caused a segv and/or NoMemoryError
when deflating content for upload
* avoid creating connection thread in unicorn/passenger spawners
* fix bug in profile mode
* fix race condition in Delayed::Job instrumentation loading
* fix glassfish detection in latest glassfish gem
* support basic instrumentation for ActsAsSolr and Sunspot
* fix bug in startup when running JRuby
* fix for unicorn not reporting when the proc line had 'master' in it
* fix regression for passenger 2.0 and earlier
* fix after_fork in the shim
* republished gem without generated rdocs
* rails3 instrumentation (no developer mode support yet)
* removed the ensure_worker_thread started and instead defined an after_fork
handler that will set up the agent properly in forked processes.
* change at_exit handler so the shutdown always goes after other shutdown
* add visibility to active record db transactions in the rpm transaction
traces (thanks to jeremy kemper)
* fix regression in merb support which caused merb apps not to start
* added NewRelic::Agent.logger to the public api to write to the agent
log file.
* optimizations to background thread, controller instrumentation, memory
* add logger method to public_api
* support list notation for ignored exceptions in the newrelic.yml
* fix bug in delayed_job instrumentation that caused the job queue sampler
to run in the wrong place
* change startup sequence and code that restarts the worker loop
* detect the unicorn master and dont start the agent; hook in after_fork
* fix problem with the Authlogic metric names which caused errors in
developer mode. Authlogic metrics now adhere to the convention of
prefixing the name with 'Custom'
* allow more correct overriding of transaction trace settings in the
call to #manual_start
* simplify WorkerLoop and add better protection for concurrency
* preliminary support for rails3
* fix missing URL and referer on some traced errors and transactions
* gather traced errors *after* executing the rescue chain in ActionController
* always load controller instrumentation
* pick up token validation from newrelic.yml
* fix bug in delayed_job instrumentation occurring when there was no DJ log
* fix incompatibility with Capistrano 2.5.16
* strip down URLs reported in transactions and errors to path only
* optimization to reduce overhead: move background samplers into foreground thread
* change default config file to ignore RoutingErrors
* moved the background task instrumentation into a separate tab in the RPM UI
* allow override of the RPM application name via NEWRELIC_APP_NAME environment variable
* revised Delayed::Job instrumentation so no manual_start is required
* send buffered data on shutdown
* expanded support for queue length and queue time
* remove calls to starts_with to fix Sinatra and non-rails deployments
* fix problem with apdex scores recording too low in some circumstances
* switch to jeweler for gem building
* minor fixes, test improvements, doc and rakefile improvements
* fix incompatibility with Hoptoad where Hoptoad was not getting errors handled by New Relic
* many other optimizations, bug fixes and documentation improvements
* beta release of 2.10
* fix bugs with Sinatra app instrumentation
* minor doc updates
* alpha release of 2.10
* rack support, including metal; ignores 404s; requires a module inclusion (see docs)
* sinatra support, displays actions named by the URI pattern matched
* add API method to abort transaction recording for in-flight transactions
* remove account management calls from newrelic_api.rb
* truncating extremely large transaction traces for efficiency
* fix error reporting in recipes; add newrelic_rails_env option to recipes to
override the rails env used to pull the app_name out of newrelic.yml
* added TorqueBox recognition (thanks Bob McWhirter)
* renamed config settings: enabled => monitor_mode; developer => developer_mode;
old names will still work in newrelic.yml
* instrumentation for DelayedJob (thanks Travis Tilley)
* added config switches to turn off certain instrumentation when you aren't
interested in the metrics, to save on overhead--see newrelic.yml for details.
* add profiling support to dev mode; very experimental!
* add 'multi_threaded' config option to indicate when the app is running
multi-threaded, so we can disable some instrumentation
* fix test failures in JRuby, REE
* improve Net::HTTP instrumentation so its more efficient and distinguishes calls
between web and non-web transactions.
* database instrumentation notices all database commands in addition to the core commands
* add support for textmate to dev mode
* added add_transaction_tracer method to support instrumenting methods as
if they were web transactions; this will facilitate better visibility of background
tasks and eventually things like rack, metal and Sinatra
* adjusted apdex scores to reflect time spent in the mongrel queue
* fixed incompatibility with JRuby on startup
* implmented CPU measure for JRuby which reflects the cpu burn for
all controller actions (does not include background tasks)
* fixed scope issue with GC instrumentation, subtracting time from caller
* added # of GC calls to GC instrumentation
* renamed the dispatcher metric
* refactored stats_engine code for readability
* optimization: reduce wakeup times for harvest thread
* alpha release of 2.10
* support unicorn
* instrumentation of GC for REE and MRE with GC patch
* support agent restarting when changes are made to the account
* removed #newrelic_notice_error from Object class, replaced by NewRelic::Agent#notic_error
* collect histogram statistics
* add custom parameters to newrelic_notice_error call to display
extra info for errors
* add method disable_all_tracing(&block) to execute a block without
capturing metrics
* newrelic_ignore now blocks all instrumentation collection for
the specified actions
* added doc to method_tracer API and removed second arg
requirement for add_method_tracer call
* instrumentation for Net::HTTP
* remove method_tracer shim to avoid timing problems in monitoring daemons
* for non-rails daemons, look at APP_ROOT and NRCONFIG env vars for custom locations
* Disable at_exit handler for Unicorn which sometimes caused the
agent to stop reporting immediately.
* add instrumentation for Net::HTTP calls, to show up as "External"
* added support for validating agents in the cloud.
* recognize Unicorn dispatcher
* add NewRelic module definitions to ActiveRecord instrumentation
* Snow Leopard memory fix
* clamp size of data sent to server
* reset statistics for passenger when forking to avoid erroneous data
* fix problem deserializing errors from the server
* fix incompatibility with postgres introduced in 2.9.
* fix startup failure in Windows due to memory sampler
* add JRuby environment information
* change default apdex_t to 0.5 seconds
* fix bug in deployments introduced by multi_homed setting
* support overriding the log in the agent api
* fix JRuby problem using objectspace
* display custom parameters when looking at transactions in dev mode
* display count of sql statements on the list of transactions in dev mode
* fixes for merb--thanks to Carl Lerche
* add newrelic_ignore_apdex method to controller classes to allow
you to omit some actions from apdex statistics
* Add hook for Passenger shutdown events to get more timely shutdown
notices; this will help in more accurate memory readings in
* add newrelic_notice_error to Object class
* optional ability to verify SSL certificates, note that this has some
performance and reliability implications
* support multi-homed host with multiple apps running on duplicate
Noteworthy Enhancements
* give visibility to templates and partials in Rails 2.1 and later, in
dev mode and production
* change active record metrics to capture statistics in adapter log()
call, resulting in lower overhead and improved visibility into
different DB operations; only AR operations that are not hitting the
query cache will be measured to avoid overhead
* added mongrel_rpm to the gem, a standalone daemon listening for custom
metric values sent from local processes (experimental); do mongrel_rpm
* add API for system monitoring daemons (refer to KB articles); changed
API for manual starting of the agent; refer to
NewRelic::Agent.manual_start for details
* do certificate verification on ssl connections to
* support instances appearing in more than one application by allowing a
semicolon separated list of names for the newrelic.yml app_name
* combined agent logfiles into a single logfile
* use rpm server time for transaction traces rather than agent time
Developer Mode (only) Enhancements
* show partial rendering in traces
* improved formatting of metric names in traces
* added number of queries to transactions in the transaction list
* added some sorting options for the transaction list
* added a page showing the list of active threads
Compatibility Enhancements
* ruby 1.9.1 compatibility
* support concurrency when determining busy times, for 2.2 compatibility
* in jruby, use Java used heap for memory sampling if the system memory
is not accessible from an unsupported platform
* jruby will no longer start the agent now when running the console or
rake tasks
* API support for RPM as a footnote add-in
* webrick support restored
Noteworthy bugfixes
* sample memory on linux by reading /proc/#{$$}/status file
* fixed ambiguous 'View' metrics showing up in controller breakdown
* removed Numeric extensions, including round_to, and to_ms
* using a different timeout mechanism when we post data to RPM
* remove usage of Rails::Info which had a side effect of enabling
ActiveRecord even when it wasn't an active framework
* moved CPU sampler off background thread and onto the harvest thread
* tests now run cleanly in any rails app using test:newrelic or
Agent improvements to support future RPM enhancements
* add instrumentation to capture metrics on response codes; not yet
working in rails 2.3.*
* added http referer to traced errors
* capture gem requirements from rails
* capture cpu utilization adjusted for processor count
* transaction sampling
* fix thin support with rails 2.3.2 when using script/server
* fix incompatibility with rails 2.3.2 and script/server options
* minor tweak to environment gathering for gem mode
* fix problem finding the newrelic controller in dev mode
* fix incompatibility with older versions of optparse
* fix potential jvm problem with jruby
* remove test:all task definition to avoid conflicts
* change error message about window sampler in windows not supported to a
warning message
* fix error with jruby on windows
* fix problem where webrick was being incorrectly detected causing some
problems with mongrel application assignments--had to disable webrick
for now
* fix for ssl connection hanging problems
* fix problem recognizing mongrel in rails 2.3.2
* fastcgi support in rails 2.3.2
* put back webrick support
* fix for capture_params when using file uploads in controller actions
* use pure ruby NS lookup for collector host to eliminate possibly
blocking applications
* fix reference to CommandError which was breaking some cap scripts
* fix incompatibility with Rails 2.0 in the server API
* fix problem with litespeed with Lite accounts
* fix problem when ActiveRecord is disabled
* moved merb instrumentation to Merb::Controller instead of
AbstractController to address incompatibility with MailController
* fix problem in devmode displaying sql with embedded urls
* fix bug in capistrano recipe causing cap commands to fail with error
about not finding Version class
* refactor unit tests so they will run in a generic rails environment
* require classes in advance to avoid autoloading. this is to address
incompatibilities with desert as well as more flexibility in gem
* fixed newrelic_helper.rb 1.9 incompatibility
* fix Ruby 1.9 syntax compatibility errors
* update the class loading sanity check, will notify server of errors
* fix agent output on script and rake task execution
* Convert the deployment information upload script to an executable and
put in the bin directory. When installed as a gem this command is
symlinked to /usr/bin. Usage: newrelic_cmd deployments --help
* Fix issue invoking api when host is not set in newrelic.yml
* Fix deployments api so it will work from a gem
* Fix thin incompatibility in developer mode
* add beta of api in new_relic_api.rb
* instrumented dynamic finders in ActiveRecord
* preliminary support for capturing deployment information via capistrano
* change memory sampler for solaris to use /usr/bin/ps
* allow ERB in newrelic.yml file
* merged support for merb into this version
* fix incompatibility in the developer mode with the safe_erb plugin
* fix module namespace issue causing an error accessing
NewRelic::Instrumentation modules
* fix issue where the agent sometimes failed to start up if there was a
transient network problem
* fix IgnoreSilentlyException message
* fix error when trying to serialize some kinds of Enumerable objects
* added extra debug logging
* added app_name to app mapping
* fix compatibility issue with 1.8.5 causing error with Dir.glob
* fix problem with passenger edge not being a detected environment
* fix problem with skipped dispatcher instrumentation
* Repackage to support both plugin and Gem installation
* Support passenger/litespeed/jruby application naming
* Update method for calculating dispatcher queue time
* Show stack traces in RPM Transaction Traces
* Capture error source for TemplateErrors
* Clean up error stack traces.
* Support query plans from postgres
* Performance tuning
* bugfixes
* fix error in transaction tracing causing traces not to show up
* fixes for postgres explain plan support
* bugfixes
* add agent support for rpm 1.1 features
* Fix regression error with thin support
* added 'newrelic_ignore' controller class method with :except and :only options for finer grained control
over the blocking of instrumentation in controllers.
* bugfixes
* error reporting in early access
* bugfix: initializing developer mode
* Beta support for LiteSpeed and Passenger
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* bugfixes: pie chart data, rails 1.1 compability
* bugfix
* bugfix for non-mysql databases
* bugfixes
* Add enhancement for Transaction Traces early access feature
* bugfixes
+ Add support for Transaction Traces early access feature
* bugfixes
+ Add rails 2.1 support for Developer Mode
+ Changes to memory sampler: Add support for JRuby and fix Solaris support.
* Stop catching exceptions and start catching StandardError; other exception cleanup
* Add protective exception catching to the stats engine
* Improved support for thin domain sockets
* Support JRuby environments
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* bugfixes
* release for private beta