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*0.2.8 (June 25th, 2013)
* Fix deprecations with ActiveRecord 4.0
*0.2.7 (February 23rd, 2013)
* Fix a bug when using insert_at to move an existing item down the list [Arthur Holstvoogd]
*0.2.6 (March 5th, 2012)
* Ensure that the default scope is ignored when performing list updates
*0.2.5 (September 11th, 2011)
* Don't rely on the current position attribute as it may be stale
*0.2.4 (June 18th, 2011)
* Typecast the list of primary keys return by lock_list! correctly as
the postgresql and mysql adapters return strings by default. [Reinier de Lange]
* Check for existence of foreign key attribute with symbol scope option
*0.2.3 (May 3rd, 2011)
* Rails 3.1 has added Model.foreign_{key,type} to association reflections
*0.2.2 (May 3rd, 2011)
* Ensure that callbacks return true when no updates take place
* Moving first and last items should return true even when no update takes place
* Loosen gem dependencies so that it will work with Rails edge
*0.2.1 (April 20th, 2011)
* Add checking for scope changes so items are moved between lists correctly [Manuel Meurer]
*0.2.0 (April 7th, 2011)
* Use pessimistic locking to reduce concurrency problems
* Use update_all instead of update_attribute so callbacks are not triggered
*0.1.2 (February 7th, 2011)
* Configure association scopes correctly
*0.1.1 (February 7th, 2011)
* Use the class in which act_as_list is called
* Wrap list updates inside a transaction block
* Don't include instance methods in all models
* Don't add acts_as_list callbacks to all models
*0.1.0 (February 6th, 2011)
* First release