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This gem provides an acts_as_list compatible capability for sorting and reordering a number of objects in a list. The class that has this specified needs to have a +position+ column defined as an integer on the mapped database table.

This gem requires ActiveRecord 3.0 as it has been refactored to use the scope methods and query interface introduced with Ruby on Rails 3.0


class TodoList < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :todo_items, :order => "position"

class TodoItem < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :todo_list
  acts_as_list :scope => :todo_list



Bug fixes and new feature patches are welcome. Please provide tests and documentation wherever possible - without them it is unlikely your patch will be accepted. If you're fixing a bug then a failing test for the bug is essential. Once you have completed your patch please open a GitHub pull request and I will review it and respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the following people for their contributions:

  • Manuel Meurer
  • Reinier de Lange

Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew White, released under the MIT license

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