🦄 My current personal website, with a splash of color and personality! Sept-Nov 2018
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Built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. Created for 2018's #May1Reboot event to showcase my most recent work.

Content Structure

_work/ Portfolio projects.
pages/ Site content.
media/ Images, pdfs, and other misc static content.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be easily edited and managed online via http://prose.io/#user/repo.

Put published posts in _work and unpublished posts in _drafts.

The first part of the file starts & ends with three dashes. This is your yaml configuration.

Then comes the markdown. Cheatsheet here: https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet

title: Hack Club
permalink: /hackclub

web: https://wayback.archive.org/web/20171101000000*/hackclub.com
web-display: HackClub.com (Archived)

tagline: Hack Together!
description: Landing page empowering students to start coding clubs
lead: A nonprofit founded by Forbes 30 Under 30’s Zach Latta, <strong>Hack Club</strong> brings student-led coding clubs to high schools across the world. I worked with Hack Club to create a new homepage and design system that demonstrates how coding is for everyone.

tags: [ design, dev, education, foundation, website, 2016 ]
deliverables: [ Frontend, Design, Writing ]
technologies: [ Rails, Foundation, Sass, Sketch ]

accent: "#E43143"
accent-light: "#FFDEE2"
header-text: white
pattern: patterns/hackclub-10.svg

# Optional webpage screenshot display
screenshots: true
screenshots-desktop: screenshots/hackclub-homepage-d.png
screenshots-mobile: screenshots/hackclub-homepage-m.png

# Optional photo display
  - [ codeday/voculus.svg, caption ]
  - [ codeday/vtrophy.svg, caption ]
  - [ codeday/vphone.svg, caption ]

You can start typing content here. <b>HTML is supported</b> and so is **markdown syntax.**
Try to use bold text and refrain from using _italics_ whenever possible.

Below are your headers, use them sparingly.

## Header 2

### Header 3

Images are pretty easy.

![Image description for screen readers go here: Fluffle Puff!](/media/guests/flufflepuff-avatar.png)

So are links: [Click here for Google!](http://google.com/)

> I am a quote
> - Maud Pie

You can make tables too, if you're inclined.

| Column Header 1 | Column Header 2 |
| -- | -- |
| Hi! | You get the point |
| Yo! | What's up? |

Lists are easy, just number or bullet them appropriately, like this:

- Item 1
- Item 2

1. Item 1
2. Item 2

You can embed anything by copying and pasting an embed code:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/rMFWc_FMhqs"
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Like posts, but also supports markdown .md or html .html. I reccomend using html.

layout: page # page (default) or blank (have to manually define container and content areas)
title: Philadelphia
subtitle: A guide to the City of Brother Love! # optional
permalink: /philly/
redirect_from: /philadelphia/ # optional if you are redireccting from an old url
cover: # may be used in the future

Start typing content here!

Development Structure

_includes/ Contents of < head >, navigation, and footer.
_layouts/ Page layout templates.
_sass/ Partial stylesheets. Modify _site.scss for site styles.
css/ Stylesheet compiler, don't touch this file.
icons/ Icon font! See icons/demo.html for a full list.
img/ Static assets necessary to display the site.
404.html/ 404 page. Easter egg, maybe?
CNAME Sets up a CNAME record for the domain the site is on.
_config.yml Site settings and commonly used phrases.
_prose.yml Configuration for prose.io.
feed.xml RSS feed for blog posts.
robots.txt Bot access settings, please change before deploying to production.

Running the site locally

Make sure you have ruby installed, then...

cd cutie

# install gems (first time only)
bundle install

# run server on localhost:4000. SCSS and page content compiled automatically on save.
bundle exec jekyll serve --port 4000 --watch --incremental