Materialize CSS - Framework front-end moderne basé sur le Material Design
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![Gitter]( Chat.svg) Materialize, a CSS Framework based on material design

Current Version : v0.95.2

Sass Requirements:

  • Ruby Sass 3.3+, LibSass 0.6+

Supported Browsers:

Chrome 35+, Firefox 31+, Safari 7+, IE 10+


  • Issues
    • If you have an issue please make sure you document the problems in depth. One line issues with no explanations will be closed.
  • Feature Requests
    • We like feature requests but make sure that it can be seen within the goals of the project and not just something you need individually. Also you should try and give as much examples and details about the new feature as possible.


  • v0.95.2 (Feb 10, 2015)

    • Switches added
    • Transition animation functions added
    • ScrollFire Plugin added (fires functions dependent on scroll position)
    • Responsive Video tag added
    • Custom File Input Button added
    • Modals has a fixed footer option
    • SideNav implementation changed (needs 2 UL menus)
    • Slider Responsive Fixes
  • v0.95.1 (Jan 26, 2015)

    • Sidenav Fixes
    • Dropdown alignment/gutter options added
    • Parallax fixes
    • JavaScript Initialization no longer needed for many components
    • HTML options through data-attributes
    • Site colors can be defined through Primary and Secondary color in Sass
    • Tables no longer resonsive by default
  • v0.95.0 (Jan 17, 2015)

    • Drag Out Menu fixed with Touch Interactions
    • Toasts minor bugfix
    • OL element has default styling
    • Fullscreen Slider added
    • Footer requires page-footer class
    • Progress Bars added
    • Form autofill support added
    • Responsive Tables support added
    • Scrollspy Plugin released
    • Waves events are now delegated / behavior enhanced
  • v0.94.2 (Jan 07, 2015)

    • Sidebar dissmiss issues fixed
    • Date picker improvements
    • Waves fixed for Windows touchscreen devices
    • Fixed position dropdown problems fixed
    • Text area supports icon prefix
    • Navbar supports fixed position
  • v0.94.1 (Jan 05, 2015)

    • Standardized components top and bottom margin
    • Fixed Sidebar added
    • Dropdown has cleaner animation
    • Tabs/Collapsibles supports active class
    • Materialbox bug fixes
    • Collapsible bug fixes
    • Sidebar bug fixes
    • Checkbox cross-browser fixes
    • Modal supports ESC closing