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FMUv5 Pixhawk Open Hardware Design

General information about Pixhawk designs, schematics, reference hardware, FMU versions, licensing, and trademarks, and contributing to the project can be found in the repo README.

FMUv5 was released in 2018. When compared to previous versions it has a new processor, 2xRAM, new sensors with higher temperature stability, and is much more configurable. More information can be found in the Pixhawk4 Data Sheet.

Design Files

The FMUv5 reference design pinout is available on Google docs here (linked from This includes everything needed to create compatible hardware.


  • Schematics are not provided.
  • Open reference hardware designs are not provided (Pixhawk 4 is a proprietary hardware layout based on this design).

Other Files

This design additionally contains Pixhawk 4 information that may be useful if creating compatible products:

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