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Pixi Animate Extension

Creates a custom FLA document which support publishing to PixiJS natively in Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash CC 2015).


See examples for sample FLA document to test features of PixiAnimate.


The following dependencies are required in order to publishing FLA document created with this Plugin.

  • Adobe Flash CC 2015+ or Adobe Animate CC
  • Mac OS X or Windows x64
  • Node & NPM
  • Electron npm install -g electron


If you are trying to install with Adobe Animate CC 2015, you cannot install the ZXP with Adobe Extension Manager CC (this not longer is supported in CC 2015). There are two ways to install:


To get setup, please follow the instructions outlined from Adobe's documentation. This will enable you to build the project itself and see the plugin exposed from Adobe Animate CC.

  • Some project / file names may be changed due to not wanting to produce a plugin named "SamplePlugin".
  • The certificate password is: password
  • If on Windows, in order to use the --install build option, you'll need to download Adobe's extension utility and unzip it to the extension repository folder.

CEP Debug Mode

To setup your platform for development, you must enable debugging in your Adobe preferences for CEP. VERY Important to reboot your machine after making this change or it will not take effect.


Go to Registry, regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/CSXS.6, then add a new entry PlayerDebugMode of type "string" with the value of "1".


Add the entry PlayerDebugMode of type "string" with value set to 1 in the plist file /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.CSXS.6.plist

Mac OS X Instructions

To build and install to Animate CC directly, run the script. This will copy the plugin and then install in the CEP extension's folder (/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.jibo.PixiAnimate/)

gulp --install

To build the extension in debug mode and allow for remote debugging, run this command. Navigate to http://localhost:8008 to get the DevTools for the Publish Settings dialog.

gulp --buildDebug --install

To rebuild the C++ code on the current platform, use the --plugin flag. This will build the plugin for both debug and release.

gulp --buildDebug --install --plugin

Or to ONLY build the plugin without building the rest of the extension.

For release:

gulp plugin

Windows Instructions

  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or higher required
  • Adobe Animate CC 2015 x64 w/ ZXP utility for Windows
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community or higher
    • Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015
  • Latest NodeJS

Notice: When switching visual studio from 14 (2015) to a different version, do the following

  • Update projectFile and VCTargetsPath in build/config/win.js to the newly selected toolset
  • Update the solution and project files (You probably cannot downgrade these files without rebuilding them from scratch)

Update your npm first

npm install -g npm

Install global npm packages

npm install -g electron gulp-cli

Install or restore local packages

npm update

Build plugin and install plugin

gulp --plugin --install

Now use the ZXP utility for windows to install the PixiAnimate.zxp plugin for Adobe Animate CC 2015, make sure to remove the existing plugin before install

Note on JSFL scripts - they are taken from Springroll's Flash Toolkit, as the used scripts are very relevant for optimization of Pixi Animate content.


Custom Platform Plugin for Adobe Animate CC (Formerly Adobe Flash CC) - to export animation for the PixiJS renderer







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