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Pixi examples guidelines:

This is the new repository for the pixi examples. In the previous one, each example was a JavaScript file, we moved away from this and it is now an HTML file that can be opened on its own.

The iframe that displays the examples is 800 * 600, consequently please avoid creating a renderer that is larger than these dimensions.

How to run the project

This micro-site is built using HTML and jQuery and can be run on your local server without additional requirements.

Project structure

All the examples are stored in the required/examples folder and loaded via the manifest.json file.

All the assets are stored in required/examples/assets.

Every sub-folder in the examples folder corresponds to a sub-menu in the website's sidebar.

How to create an example

You can use the basic example as a template, it is located in required/examples/basics/basic.js. All you need to do is copy and paste this file to where you think your example belongs. You can then come back to the browser and navigate to your file and start changing it.