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PixiJS Examples Guidelines

This is the repository for examples using latest version of PixiJS.

The iframe that displays the examples is 800 * 600, consequently please avoid creating a renderer that is larger than these dimensions.


This micro-site is built using HTML and jQuery and can be run on your local server without additional requirements.

If you change the site code within src/main.js or any styling within src/main.less you will need to rebuild the project. After installing dependencies via npm i, you can perform a one off projection build via npm run watch, or you can start a watch process for development via npm run watch.

Project Structure

All the examples are stored in the public/examples/js folder and loaded via the public/examples/manifest.json file.

All the assets are stored in public/examples/assets.

Every sub-folder in the examples folder corresponds to a sub-menu in the website's sidebar.

Creating an Example

You can use the basic example as a template, it is located in public/examples/js/demos-basic/container.js. All you need to do is copy and paste this file to where you think your example belongs within the examples/js folder structure, and change the contents to make a new example. You will then also need to update the public/examples/manifest.json to allow the menu to point to your new example.


Rendering examples using PixiJS and related plugins






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